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Keith F. Smith

Creator of

Keith first learned about Bitcoin when the value was under a penny each. Having an extensive history in Libertarian activism, Keith was exposed to Bitcoin early on because it was a common conversation topic at the local Libertarian events in Philadelphia.

 As a student of Austrian economics, Keith tried to prove that cryptocurrency was not as good as gold and silver. The more he studied, traded, tested, and used cryptocurrency, the more he realized cryptocurrency is not only a solution, but the solution. Keith bought his first Bitcoin in 2013 and began trading altcoins.

Keith Smith started in computing at a young age. He built websites and computers at age 12 and by age 16 was coding databases for large Fortune 500 Companies. 

While attending college during the Dot Com Bubble burst, he decided to leave the tech industry to become a contractor and businessman. During this decade he expanded his experience in Business and Contracts. Technology was always a passion for Keith. He always invested in the most state of the art equipment to give himself a competing edge against other businesses. 

When electronic cigarettes came into the markets in the USA, Keith was one of the first people to see one in operation. As soon as he could, he bought E-Cig products and began marketing them as a part time hobby. This became a full-time job at one point, which allowed him to expand his studies into Audio and Video Productions online.

Keith co-founded projects with others to build point of sale devices, which would allow cryptocurrency mesh networks to build infrastructure sovereign from corporate and state control mechanisms. The project was mismanaged by others and the hardware and software had serious security flaws. The project closed and that is when Preston Smith and Colin Cantrell approached Keith to join the Nexus Project in late 2015. Keith has been working on Nexus and has been promoting blockchain awareness ever since.

BitCoyote was built with the mission to educate others about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. It aims to promote businesses, goods, and services and share knowledge to allow both professionals and people new to the sector enter into cryptocurrency commerce. Due to the overwhelming amount of scams in this industry, BitCoyote intends to promote legitimate projects and businesses to assist in building trust in the cryptocurrency economy. 

Keith has one son and a future step daughter. He recently became engaged and lives outside of Philadelphia, PA. He enjoys playing his guitar, fishing, family time, music, and reading. 

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