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How to Accept Bitcoin as a Business 

Welcome to the 21st Century. Whether you are a small, medium, or large business, adopting new technology will allow you to be a step ahead of the competition. When you adopt new technology, it gives you new opportunities to make money. With money comes prosperity. With prosperity comes financial freedom.

This tutorial is written to help businesses enter into the cryptocurrency economy. Its purpose is to show you how easy it is to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for goods and services rendered. 

Never before has it been this easy to accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Whether you are a brick and mortar store or an ecommerce website, Bitcoin may be what you are seeking to diversify your income and savings. Its an investment into the future, but most importantly, its an investment in yourself. 

Getting Started

Click the Get Started button on the front page.

Create a New Account

Pick a username which matches your business. Select an email that you use to administer your business to ensure that your coin finances are connected to you easily.

When picking a password, pick a strong password to protect your account.

Check both boxes to proceed.

Check Email for Confirmation

Once you have confirmed your account through your email, you will be asked to check your email again for a 2fa code. 2fa stands for two factor authenication. This is a secondary security protocol integrated into most systems today.

Once you enter your 2fa, you will be promted with this screen which gives you the option of signing in with a hardware wallet called TREZOR. A very neat feature I am looking forward to trying out!

Fill out the capcha, password, username or email and Login.

Setting up Merchant Account

Lets get started! Select Merchant account. You can also select wallet and use coinpayments as an online wallet comparable to many other online wallets.

Payment Methods

This is a matter of personal or business preference. You can accept all 75+ cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, you can pick and choose what cryptocurrencies to accept, you can use coins which auto convert to bitcoin, and you can set up coins to automattically settle for fiat. The last option is good for companies which have to buy their products in fiat and need a quick turn around.

I selected "All Supported Coins".

Shopping Carts, Custom Buttons and Point of Sale

When you reach this screen, you will have many options as a merchant to integrate Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies into your website or business. 

POS (Point of Sale) allows brick and mortar stores and in person transactions to easily being carried out.

Custom Buttons allow you to place buttons anywhere on your site.

Shopping Carts allow you to integrate plug ins to shoping carts for ecommerce sites.

Shopping Carts

Click Download to get the plug in for the respective shopping cart you use. Not every shopping cart is compatible with cryptocurrency. It is important to choose a shopping cart which has a plugin available for it. You will see the last date updated which is a good gauge to determine  the most advanced options available for shopping carts. I would not suggest using shopping cart plugins from 2013.

Custom Buttons

This gives you the option to build custom buttons for your website. You can give the item or service a name, the quanity available, give it a item number, invoice, tax calculated, shipping costs, and page to be sent to for a sucessful purchase or canceled purchase.

Note: the merchant ID is blocked out but your merchant ID should automatically load. 

Adding Button to your Website

The button code is generated in HTML. HTML is the basic web mark up langauge which all websites are based upon. You will need to either have some basic knowledge (It takes about hour to learn) or have a website administrator add this code to your website where you want it.

Note: You can replace the button style with something you prefer to use by changing the link of the blue highlighted image file with something hosted on your website instead.

Link and QR Code

You can also generate a link and QR Code in the Point of Sale section. This allows you to offer a square box code to give customers the option of scanning with their phones to easily send funds. You can print this out or have it available on your website. 

Congrats! You are ready to make Bitcoin!

You will now be able to get your store added to the directory. Search other stores and find products and services you may like. Check out and see what the competition is up to. There is a huge selection of businesses that are engaging the cryptocurrency economy every day. It is only growing from here so make sure you get your piece of the pie!